Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Water, Water Everywhere

It has rained for twenty of the thirty days of the month of June, pouring down to make June 2015 the rainiest on record. The total for the Pittsburgh area was 5.1 inches. So far, July hasn’t been much better. It has been a struggle to plant anything, mow the lawn, and to do any outside chores. I have a pile of firewood waiting to be stacked.
I guess that the Global Warming supporters will have to change their mantra to Climate Change. It only goes to show that God is in charge and that man’s miniscule attempts to control or change the environment is limited to using the energy and the things that God has created. Solar, petroleum, atomic, or geothermal, all are made available by a being that has control over it all. The Earth, moon, and stars were hung by Him and even the human beings that try to elevate themselves are His creations.
Mother Nature is a euphemism that mankind uses so they do not have to recognize God and that he is the one in control. Earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, droughts, floods, and lightning strikes show a small inkling of His power. Even sunlight, breezes, and rain and other mild mannered occurrences of nature show the wonder of His blessings. There is nothing that is out of His control. He spoke and all that we humans can feel or know came into existence.
God has allowed humans to choose their own path. He offers the perfect way to become an adopted child and to live in a heavenly home. He sent His sinless Son to die on the cross, shedding His innocent blood to pay the price of our sin debt.
One of my choices was to buy the house that I live in now. It was a time that my wife, Cindy and I, had three children and it was closer to my work at Frick Hospital in Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania and nearer to her job at Mt. Zion Christian Academy on Kreinbrook Hill Road. It served us well as our kids grew. One by one the children have left the house and Cindy died. Owning a four bedroom house has become a burden. It is too large for just my daughter, Anna and me. After October, it will be only me living inside of this mausoleum.
I am thankful that she is getting married to a wonderful young man, but at that time, it will be much too large for me unless I take in boarders. Anyone want to rent a room?


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