Monday, July 27, 2015

Is It Just Me

            Last evening, I noticed the extremely beautiful sunset and I thought about the sky and all of the remarkable colors and hues that have graced the heavens over the past few years. I am not sure if I am taking more notice to the uniqueness of it or whether God is putting on a wonderful display to remind us that He is in control.
            Earlier in the year, I saw clouds that mimicked feather plumes as though an albino bird had fluttered across the blue skies, dropping a few full and down-like pieces of its plumage. I cannot recollect ever seeing clouds like that when I was a child or as I grew into adulthood.
            Recently, sunrises have been extraordinary. Out of the blackness of the night, the sun peers over the horizon brilliant in its flaming glory, torching the sky to life in vibrant colors from red to orange to yellow and every shade in between. The sunlight projects its talent onto any lingering clouds like showing a movie in a theater. Subtle shifts in shape and hue cause the sky to come alive like a panoramic kaleidoscope, constantly moving, directed by the hands of the breezes and time.
            During the daylight hours, the sky might change from the hue of skim milk blue to gray to brilliant cobalt in the matter of hours. Then I must point out the splashes of the clouds themselves. Some seem full and fluffed, while others seem thready, as if smeared on by an artist’s palette knife, scraped and thin.
            So I am back to the sunset that I saw last evening. The sun itself had disappeared behind a low hill, but it couldn’t hide. Its warmth was reflected on low lavender-gray clouds. The orange-red light danced on the full veil of water droplets. The contrast was striking, but the most remarkable thing was that the sun tossed out a bow of flaming light that arched high over its resting place. I’ve seen rainbows, but until last evening, I had never seen an arc of light like that.

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