Monday, July 20, 2015

More and More

When I woke this morning and was being teased by the early morning breeze coming through my bedroom window, I decided, only a few more minutes. I pulled the sheet and light blanket more securely around myself to fend off the cool damp air. I burrowed into the comfort of my bed to extend my sleep time after fluffing my pillows.

But it was not to be. I was about to drop back into the arms of Morpheus when the usual morning serenade of the animals that have slowly over many years been imported into my neighborhood. I was used o the peeper frogs’ high pitched calls at night, but they have been joined by at least one bullfrog. His “Gronk, gronk,” greeted me today. Shortly afterwards, he was joined by the “cock-a-doodle-doo” of a neighbor’s rooster.  So far, the horses that claim the field haven’t started to neigh. They are content to graze on the lush grass.
The dogs from several kennels raised their voices in routine chorus, waiting to be fed.
The major differences today were that the hens ran through the grass clucking and chasing insects and the bleating of a Pygmy goat joined the symphony. The goat wasn’t happy with one or two “Na-a-ah, Na-a-ah,” it continued for neatly fifteen minutes of continual bleating.

I am waiting for one of my neighbors to bring in a more exotic type of animal. Although, I draw the line if I hear an elephant trumpeting or the roar of a lion, I’m moving. Anyone want to buy a house?

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