Wednesday, July 22, 2015

My Aching Ears
            I decided to watch the television series of Tut last evening. The program was interesting, even if it wasn’t completely historically correct. My major concern was it the directing and editing. I almost went crazy and almost stopped watching it, because of the wild swinging of the volume. One moment, when the characters were talking sotto voce and interacting, I had to turn the television almost to the highest volume. The next scene, the chariots blazed across the screen or trumpets began to blare and I would have to drop the volume into almost non-existence.
            It was worse than dealing with a schizophrenic with hormonal disorders. Up and down, constantly, I was unable to thoroughly enjoy the film because of my phrenetic maneuvering of the remote control volume. I don’t know what the director’s name of film, but whoever he is, he should be horsewhipped, drawn and quartered, then his head stuck on the tip of a petard outside of the walls of Thebes. Why would the miserable purveyors of the film cause so much grief to the viewers? It wasn’t shown in a surround-sound theater where you expect to have your eardrums assaulted.
            I don’t know what I would have done many years ago, when remotes were non-existent and having a child to make the changes necessary on the television’s knobs. My children would have been worn out, if Tut had been shown back then.
            My suggestion to the television makers is, “Why can’t you install a chip that allows the customer to set the maximum volume or a mean volume?” It would eliminate the unnecessary ear shattering increased volume associated with commercials. With all of the electronic items, surely the knowledge to produce such a product is out there. I would pay extra to have this “extra” installed in the television set, wouldn’t you?

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