Friday, July 10, 2015

Fill in the Blank

Sometimes when I sit to write, I see a blank page and my mind is the same, blank and void of ideas. It isn’t the best thing to happen to a writer. I find myself in this position this morning. I am doing what I was told to do when this problem arises, sit and write whatever comes to mind. Often the lock can be opened by some key word or phrase.
Recently, my thoughts have been turning to the inordinate amount of rain, persistent, frequent, and severe stormy rain. We are being blessed with this weather while southern California and parts of the western states are suffering from a long dry spell and wild fires.
God created the world and every creature that is in it. He made the sun and moon and stars. He uses weather to impose His will and to set into motion His plans.
He uses the winds, Proverbs 30:4, holding the winds in His fists. He uses the rain, Noah and the flood. He promises earthquakes in diverse places, Matthew 24:7. He calls for droughts on the land, Haggai 1:11.

I have been thinking more and more on the control that God has on the entire world, but He gave mankind the ability to choose. From the first, in the Garden of Eden, God made it clear that mankind has the freedom of choice, to follow His commands or to follow their own choices. Mankind has proved over and over again that his choices have led them further and further into sin and deprivation. Despots have used their choices to enslave and to kill millions. Wars, religious or just a wish to rule the world, were caused by one man’s choice and the choices of those who followed him.

My rambling has come to a close. The page now has writing on it. I can’t think of more to write without imposing on your choice to read my thoughts.

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