Monday, October 31, 2016

It’s for the Kids
This past Saturday, I went to the annual masquerade party that is hosted by a young couple who have several wonderfully mischievous boys. Many of their relatives have younger children as well. It’s a party to replace the usual Halloween trick or treat scenario. The food is provided as a potluck affair with  games and prizes for everyone who might attend. Many of the adults dress up in costumes as well as the children. It’s remarkable at the creativity that is displayed. One woman came dressed in sliver sparkle with a silver topper for a hat. She was the Lord’ Stanley’s Cup and her husband had a Pittsburgh Penguin hockey player. Because of my beard, I chose to dress as an Amish gentleman with a straw hat and black suspenders.
One couple came as the Walking Dead. We even had a newborn that was dressed as Batbaby with a miniature cape. Some of the kids wore princess costumes and some boys were dressed as military in camouflage fatigues. There was even a clown. Star Wars characters, a few people wore scary masks, and some folk just wore Halloween inspired T shirts.

A wide range of desserts and all sorts of other foodstuffs covered two large tables. The variety was a vast smorgasbord. There was something for everyone’s palate. I made a double batch of the broccoli/ cauliflower/ onion/ cheese/ and chopped bacon salad and took it in a clean, bright orange child’s sand bucket. I thought of using a kid’s sand shovel to serve the salad, but the handle was so very short and the bucket was deep. Instead, I took a long handled serving spoon. Yesterday in the evening as I was putting food into my refrigerator, what did I spy but that darn shovel? How I missed seeing it earlier in the day I’ll never know, but I’m about ready to sign the papers for my stay at the funny farm.

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