Friday, October 28, 2016

Peppered with Assaults
With election time drawing nearer and nearer, the television and radio seem to be a constant bombardment of political advertisements. It is a barrage on nearly non-stop attacks and mud-slinging. The messages mirror the entire realm of the media. It was once said, “Good news doesn’t sell newspapers” and the political attempts to capture the attention of potential voters prove that. It makes me glad that I have a remote control for the television set. Then I am just as likely to switch to another political ad or to some of the idiotic commercials that seem aged at the feeble minded or children’s level of understanding.
Slowly, the boob tube wears away at intelligence and seems intent on reducing us all into “sheeple.” They want people that will follow and not lead.  They are desirous to create a culture that cannot make up their own minds. People who will rush out to vote or to buy the product touted in the commercial.
People, we need to teach our youth responsibility as well as their God given rights. Unless becoming serfs or slaves of the government is what we desire, we must be on the alert for those who wish to trade away our freedoms for a few trinkets that further enslave us; things that make us dependent on the government and the whims of the leader at that time. Like Esau sold his birthright for a bowl of beans, will we trade the freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution away for free phones, free food, and free housing.

These things aren’t free. The government must take the money to pay for these things from those who work and pay taxes to distribute it to those who don’t work. It is the reason that Socialism has never worked. Capitalism may not be perfect, but it was the foundation on which our great nation was built. Remove that and we too shall collapse.

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