Monday, October 24, 2016

Never Land
What I can’t understand are those people who say, “I will never vote for----.” This bothers me on many levels. The first is that is not just a right to vote, but it is a responsibility for all citizens to cast ballots for the persons that they feel will give them the government that is necessary for law and order and for the life they want to live.
The second types are those who say I will never vote for either candidate, yet in comments or other means of posts and always slant their remarks, post, memes, etc. slighting one candidate or another. Thus they tacitly support one candidate over the other, lending an intentional confirmation of one candidate, while ignoring the evils of the other person.
The third types are those who waiver between the candidates, not really supporting nor opposing either candidate, even going so far as to support unknowns who have more of a chance at becoming president than by winning the lottery or by being struck by lightning. (I had an aunt who was struck by lightning three times, lucky her.)

Some candidates have done criminal deeds that disqualify a run for office, some have said things that are very tasteless and mean, and some have just come out from under the woodwork to run for office. Put the media hype aside, pray about it and listen to your heart. What I am saying is please get out and vote. Don’t belly ache after it is over. Your vote may have sweng the pendulum the other way. Thanks.

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