Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Repairs Done
With the recent wind and rain storms, I had some damage to my house. It was nothing as severe as those who had a tree fall onto their homes or had flooding, but it did pry loose two sheets of the vinyl siding. I would have tried to repair it myself, except that the loosened pieces were near the peak of my house on the “high” side, which is nearly three stories to the damaged area. I do have some ladders, but none of them were long enough to reach that high. Home owner’s insurance would have laughed at me, had I called them to report it.
Yesterday, I had a young man and his dad bring their ladder and to do the repair. Because they had the ladder long enough to reach the project, they were finished in about twenty minutes, loaded the ladder back onto the truck, and they were gone. The repair was done. The wayward siding had been nailed back into place and the cracks caused in the siding were caulked to prevent any further damage by rain water leaking in.
I had a few small pieces of siding left over from the time my wife Cindy and I had the siding put on. It was to replace the pale sickly green color on the house originally, with a sandy-gray siding. I got the left over pieces out in case they would be needed to patch any damaged areas of the vinyl. I was surprised at the difference in the color. The weathered siding was a paler. Its hue was whitened when compared to the pieces that had been stored away from the weather.

It made me think. We humans are much like that. We get weathered from day to day storms and sunshine. We age and become more brittle than when we were born. Storms and yes, even the sunshine wear at our bodies and sometimes at our minds. But there is hope. One day we can toss this old, patched body away and receive a new one in heaven.

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