Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Elections and Commercials
I have to go to the Laurel Highlands Cable Company tomorrow. From the multiple assaults on my psyche from the immature and idiotic commercials and the outrageous mudslinging and outright lies of the advertisements of the political hacks, I have worn out the return button on my channel changer. Many of the commercials insult the intelligence of the viewer. I cannot believe that they will sit through an entire offensive promotion of a product without changing the channel or at least using the mute button.
Toomey and McGinty must be sweating bullets. Their ads seem to be on between every program and Hillary’s almost constant barrage of her advertisements show just how worried she is that the polls aren’t true or that the FBI and the law will catch her and jail her before November 8th.
I wish a company wouldn’t put the same commercial on time after time. Why not make two and switch them. I have to turn the channel when the woman with the burgundy sweater with the television for Deal Dash dot Com comes on. I am so tired of hearing her nasal whiney voice. The two jerks in the car at Sonic are another pair of rubes that rub me the wrong way. AARP and UPMC also get the switcheroo. I finally had to threaten AARP and UPMC with legal action to get them to cease and desist from an assault with flyers in the mail.
AARP I detest, because they supported Obama care so they could sell supplemental insurance, in opposition of supporting the elderly. I don’t like UPMC because of several incidents. When my wife died on the 24th of March, I had her bill in the mail, before the second week in April. UPMC also lost my father, not his records, but him. Thirdly, UPMC tried to kill me running a potassium drip in at a higher rate than it should have been running.

Enough ranting, tomorrow; I will have my new television scepter and shall again rule my castle from my comfortable throne.

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