Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Now the Election is Over
Now that the election is over and people on opposite sides with the candidates, I want to finish sharing my wonderfully tiring times I had last week. I’ve already shared the Eagle Scout ordination Saturday evening. I will share more of Saturday morning. I picked up a fellow writer to sell our books at the Mount Pleasant Ladies Auxiliary’s craft show. She has six types of books to sell; two coloring book, child book combinations, three poetry books, and a book that her cat wrote. She brought along a few of her framed photographs as well. We split the cost and shared a table.
I had my three Tommy Two Shoes Mysteries books for sale. All around us were other vendors: Avon, Mary Kay, several jewelry sales people from the handmade to the brand names. One lady hand painted flowers and scenes on glassware and bottles. A gentleman was selling solid wood cutting boards, toys, and other handcrafted items. Two ladies were selling warm, soft tights, another vendor offered women’s clothing, and two other entrepreneurs had a station to wash hands and to try their creams and potions. It was a myriad of people and products.
The nice thing about having two people at our table was that when one got tired of sitting, we could get up and move around the building while the other manned the table and our books. I slipped into my drummer role, attracting folks to our table to look at our writings and to accept our business cards. I want to thank the people for buying eight of my books and I hope that they will enjoy reading them. I know the plots of each of the series of short stories are readable. Many have told me that they are page turners.

I am hoping to have more people read these blogs as well. Thank you all again.

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