Friday, November 11, 2016

Remembering When
Now, to finish the explanation of the wearying week of activities, last Friday, early in the morning, I had an MRI to help to evaluate a persistent pain I’ve been having in my right shoulder. It is no wonder that shoulder should cause me trouble; it is the location of many injuries, starting in 1976 or 1977. I was helping to lower a mobile home onto new piers when it slid sideways and dropped about eighteen inches. The impact folded me double and I had a dislocation and spontaneous relocation. Several other times, there has been trauma to it from trips and falls. Monday, I have a follow up to discuss the findings.
In the afternoon, I was invited to attend the annual Veteran’s Day celebration at Mt. Carmel Christian School. The young men and women students memorize poignant recitations of veterans that have sacrificed much to keep America free. Attired in uniforms from each branch of the service, they sing anthems, carry the flags of the different branches of the military, and single out each attending veteran by calling their name and honoring them. Such a tribute to us is refreshing where patriotism, honor, and loyalty have been cast aside and trampled in the mud.

There was a meal that followed and it was an impressive spread. It was also a time for fellow veterans to mingle and to talk. I helped to persuade a fellow veteran to attend for the first time this year. He too was impressed. It was an emotional pageant. I told him if any person walked away without a lump in their throat or a tear in the eye, they were a cold hearted soul.

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