Monday, July 18, 2016

I am sharing a story that I wrote about a perfect crime. I hope that you like it.

The Changes

The couple walked into a bank near the downtown section of the city. Sam leaned down to say, “Gimme a bag, Dana.” Dana pulled a cloth bag from a larger one she carried. Each moved to stand in front of a teller. Sam pulled a revolver and placed it on the counter, saying, “Hand over the money. Empty the bills from the drawers. This is a robbery.”
Quickly rifling through the bills, they made sure there were no dye packs, then stowed the cash, filling their empty sacks. Turning, the couple exited the bank. Casually, they strolled away, mingling with the lunchtime crowd on the street. 

The police swarmed the bank. After surveying the bank’s video recordings, they began an intense search for the couple: a tall white male dressed in jeans, blue hoodie, and a ball cap pulled over his eyes and a white female wearing shiny black spandex pants, a gray hoodie, and a pulled down ball cap. The descriptions of these robbers matched several other local heists.
The officer immediately sent out an APB and began a search of the immediate area, joining a throng of other policemen. 

An hour later, a couple checked out of a nearby hotel. It was only three blocks from the bank. A very tall woman and her slender boyfriend walked to the bus station. Their path led past the bank where police activity still swirled.
The tall woman approached one of the policemen. Sitting her suitcase on the sidewalk beside her, she asked, “What’s happening, officer?”
“Bank robbery, ma’am,” was his curt reply. “Move along, now.”
“Goodness!” she replied.
Dana, her slender male friend, picked up the heavy suitcase and said, “We need to go, Samantha or we’ll miss our bus.

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