Wednesday, July 13, 2016

A Day with Grandpa

Yesterday was another day sitting for my Granddaughter Hannah Yoder. Where this little dynamo gets her ideas and energy, I am not sure, but I want some. I know that I have a creative mind that has gotten me into and out of a lot of scrapes, but this child got a double dose. My kids inherited that from me and my wife Cindy.
When Amanda and Anna were young, they would constantly sing. If they were required to answer a question, it just became another verse in their song without breaking the tune. Hannah does the same time. If she’s quiet, she has allowed her mind to concentrate into doing something that she’s not supposed to do. Grandpa has to be on the alert.
Yesterday, I had several errands to run and had my youthful escort with me, her singing competing with the talk radio channel until I turned the radio off, that I could listen to anytime. My first stop was the drive through at the bank. As I pulled in, the voice from the back reminded, “Do they have lollipops?” It had been so long for me to have a child in the car, I didn’t know, but they did.
The second stop was the phone store. She asked the whole way there, “Are we there yet?” She ate he lollipop while I was there, then came the whirlwind shopping spree through the Dollar Tree. She got a pair of flip-flops, sticker book, and crayons, while I bought some boring baggies, storage boxes, and something to drink.
As we drove along, she said, “I see a train. It’s moving.” The next stop was down at the train yard in Connellsville, Pennsylvania and we were blessed to see two trains moving, but I was disappointed there was no caboose. As they rolled away, we drove away and her observant eyes saw, “There’s where my daddy works.” So we drove by Connellsville hospital. She wanted to go inside to visit him, but it was time to head for home. Grandpa needed a nap.

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