Friday, July 22, 2016

Another Reunion

I am planning on attending the Nedrow-Ferguson reunion to be held August 21, 2016 at the Donegal Community Center. I have only attended one other gathering before. It has always because of some other pressing matter. I have made it a priority this year. In going through some photos from my mom and dad, I found quite a few pictures without names and I am hoping that others can put names with faces.
When I die, I don’t want to leave and pass on unnamed photos. Too often they are placed into the hands of a person who isn’t careful about history and they get tossed away. The unnamed images have no meaning and thus no ties to their family. If there is a name attached, the person may either feel a connection to or may take the time to see that the photographs find their way back to some genealogically interested person with the family. The photos may be reunited and added to the archives and history of family names.

My sister, Kathy Basinger and I have become the archival members, holding onto photos, ledgers, and memorabilia for the family. We recently sorted through the photos that have been given and are trying to pass them on to some of our various and different cousins because the pictures we have of their mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters mean more to them than for us. There is no reason to hoard them away in some closet, when they nave meaning to others. One cousin had a house fire and all of his photos were destroyed. He was glad to regain some of those memories.
I took copies of photos to the last reunion for the Rugg family. Some of them were passed along as gifts. I forgot to take along a magnifying glass. It was almost amusing to see the older men and women, myself included, squinting and trying to recognize people in the photographs. I have already placed a magnifier in with the photos for the Nedrow-Ferguson reunion.

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