Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Definitely Feeling Older

What I used to do in a day with the family took two days for me to do and I am feeling tired. I decided to take a day trip that our family used to do and stretch it into two days. When our children were also younger, we would get up early, stop at McDonald’s in Somerset for breakfast on the road, and drive the nearly two and a half hour drive to Bellville, Pennsylvania.
Every Wednesday they have a farmer’s market, stock auction, and large flea market in town with collectible vendors from as far away as Bedford and local Amish farmers, selling produce, straw hats, and hand sewn articles. Some vendors have older rifles, shotguns, and knives, while others sell imported dollar store items. It is a mélange of old and new, often sold side by side.
Then we would return home, allowing for an hour layover ay Canoe State Park. This gave us a chance for a meal from the Amish meats and cheeses and for our kids to run and let off steam for the drive home. We’d get home and everyone was ready for a nap. Bedtime was often still hours away.
With my daughter, Anna and her husband James we decided to stay at a bed and breakfast near Bellville. On the way up, we stopped at Raystown Lake to do a boat ride tour. It was a nice distraction and a way to see the green hills of Pennsylvania.
We stayed overnight at the B & B then into Bellville for some shopping. I got some produce and baked goods, as well as a small shovel to deal with the ashes from my wood burner. The trip back seemed longer than the trip when I was a younger man and I am definitely feeling tired, but I am glad to be home.
I am sorry that I am posting later today. I took a mini-vacation and just got home.

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