Monday, April 13, 2015

Today Begins

Today begins the clean up in the aftermath of the work to dry out my basement and from the debris from my firewood. The workmen had to dig all around my house and out into my yard in many places. There are mound of upturned sod and exposed rock all along the ditching.

Today I will try to gather and dispose of the rock and push the sod back into place. I want it closer to the way it was, so that I can mow when the grass gets a little longer. I don’t want to throw the rocks with the blades or destroy the mowing blades.

I want to open up the depression at the entrance of my driveway. It allows the rainwater to flow past my drive instead of coming back in and down my drive. It used to go into my basement when the rain fell heavily. Now, because of the sump pump, I don’t have to worry as much, but I want to eliminate the potential for any flooding.

Spring cleaning will have to wait until I can get the outside done or the grass will be naval high. The supervisor of the work crew said, “I don’t know how you can grow grass here. There is so many rocks and so much clay, I don’t know how grass can take root.”

It is what it is. The area all around the spot where my house was built had been strip mined and it was erected on the edge of the mining activity. I am sure that there were trailings stored where my house sits now.

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