Friday, April 24, 2015

After several warm days, I became used to the warm, near-summer temperatures. I was lulled into a relaxed feeling of winter weather is past. I stored the winter coats and was thinking about pulling off the flannel sheets washing and storing them. Wednesday God showed me that my assumption was flawed. He hadn’t. The morning was chilly, rainy, and dreary. The temperature dropped and it began to snow.
At other times in the year, it would have looked beautiful. It might even have been welcomed with open arms, but after being teased by the warmth and sunshine of a hoped-for spring, it was an unwelcome surprise.
The snow started slowly, then as the morning progressed, the snow became heavier and thicker. The flakes fell faster and grew larger. It was a heavy snow that compressed on itself piling up until there was an inch on the car and the grass.
My recently blooming flowers were covered with the thick white blanket. The only good thing that I could see from it was at night the temperature dropped below freezing and the coverlet of snow protected them. The tender blooms, warm beneath the snowy blanket.
I was used to going outside and dealing with an icy wind and frigid temperatures, but I was spoiled and cringe about the thought of going outside until the sun has warmed the air and invited me to come outside and play. I’ve been spoiled.

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