Monday, April 20, 2015

America’s Sins

There was a time in America's history that it was a God fearing country. The first men and women came to our shores seeking religious freedom, searching for the ability to worship God without interference from a king or government.  The foundation of the Constitution was based on biblical principles that God almighty decreed in His Word. The Constitution of the United States is the document that separates a freedom loving people from the peoples from the rest of the world.
America has been blessed and the face of God has looked favorably on our nation and helped our country to become a powerful entity. God has allowed our country to intervene when evil dictators attempted to rule the world. America has given the lives of its men and women to secure liberty for those who were being oppressed.
Year after year, Americans have turned their backs on God and year after year, God has been saying, “I love you. Come back to me.” The government has been straying from the principles on which our nation was created. Too many politicians have come to rely on their strength and wisdom instead of seeking the face of God, the source of all wisdom and strength.
Morality is on the decline and depravity is on the rise. Governmental legislated morality changes nothing. If the heart is not changed, laws will do little to restrain evil or to limit its effects.
God has been showing His displeasure by increasing the frequency of earthquakes and weather disasters. When mankind is unwilling to recognize the Creator of the Earth and the weather and gives credit to “Mother Nature” or “Climate Change” it will only increase. When men do not give Him the credit for His Creation nor do they see it as a pronouncement of judgment, God will continue to judge those people or will allow that nation to be brought down in defeat.
History shows that when a country removes God from its daily life, other than to think of Him as a servant; only to be called on when something is needed, that country fails. God will use the same hands that He delivered the years of blessings to also deliver the wrath of His judgment to the people of that nation.
It is time for Americans to be less proud and more humble. God is the only strength and refuge in times of trouble and fear. He is our buckler and our sword. God can bless America again if only we turn to Him and seek his forgiveness and face.

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