Thursday, April 16, 2015

The grand finale to Pocket Change

A sly smile crept across Norman’s face “It all starts when you find the right stone. Some of them are magic.”
But before Norm could say anything more or before Frank could ask any more questions, they heard Aunt Rose calling, “Frank! It’s time to go.”
“I’m coming Mom,” Frank turned and began to walk along the stream. Norman watched as Frank would take a few steps, bend over and pick something up, before taking a few more and bending over again.
Trixie and Norman followed behind. By the time they caught up with Frank, he was standing beside his mom at the car. When Norman saw that both of Frank’s pants pockets were full and bulging with stone, he could hardly keep from laughing.
“All right, let’s get in the car. It’s time to go,” Aunt Rose leaned over to hug and kiss Norman. “We’ll be back soon, I promise.”
As Frank started to climb into the car, he stopped and grabbed at his pockets. Aunt Rose just picked him up and sat him on the passenger seat.
Norman waved as they drove off. Trixie chased the car down the driveway.
There in the dust, was a small pile of “Lucky stones.” Norman picked up one that had rolled almost next to his feet. He looked at it and broke out with a big grin. “Frank picked up so many rocks that they must have poked a hole in his pocket.” Norman thought. The smile became a soft chuckle. I think I finally impressed Frank.”
“What are you smiling about Norman and what is that in your hand?” she asked.
“Just some pocket change, Mom. Just some pocket change.”
I hope you enjoyed one of the children's stories.

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