Friday, April 10, 2015


So much through the night and rain today and yet no water running into my basement from my driveway. The outside sump pump is doing its job. The water is being channeled outside of the door and into a pit that the crew dug. The pump situated inside diverts the water through piping and out and away from the house. The crew also diverted water from the down spouts out into the yard or into a nearby drainage ditch.
The humidity in the basement is still high and will be until the concrete dries completely. The water will evaporate into the air until it cures. I feel blessed that the water is staying out of my cellar, although it has made a hole in my wallet.

A wet winter and a wet spring, is this a forerunner for a wet summer? I hope not. The last two years, my garden was ankle deep in mud and very little grew other than weeds. I couldn’t remove the weeds and they overtook my cultivated plants.
I usually overplant tomatoes. I make my own salsa and can it. I prefer it to store bought brands. It has a sharper more acid taste than theirs. It is fresher and adjusted to my taste. Alas, there is none left. I used the last quart last year, even though I tried to stretch it as far as possible.

I am looking for a banner year of tomatoes, banana peppers, and green peppers that I add to enhance the flavor. Onions, some dried hot peppers, and packages of Mrs. Wage’s Salsa flavor with added vinegar are dumped and cooked until hot, that placed into jars to be cold packed and then stored until needed.
My mouth waters thinking of it. Storage now in my dry cold cellar and basement is something I look forward to doing this year.

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