Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Why Do People

Where I live, there is a fairly long, straight stretch of highway. It isn’t a road like Route 119, but a less travelled back road and yet there are those folks who are in a hurry. They think the straightaway is an open invitation to pass other drivers who are maintaining the speed limit. These same people roar past my home with breakneck speeds radios blaring, not knowing what is ahead. Often there is farm machinery coming in the opposite direction, sometimes taking more than half the roadway. Sometimes there are busses picking up or delivering children and animals, wild and domesticated that will cross from side to side. God forbid that a child is chasing a ball or riding a bike.

The other thing that is irritating to me is that some people seem to think country roads like mine are their own, personal trash receptacles, tossing out food containers, paper, cans, and bottles. Those items are not so bad. They are easy to pick up, but the ones who smoke should keep their butts in their vehicles as well as the final remains of their cigarettes. Still toe cigarette leftovers aren’t too bad, but the unregenerate, uncouth idiots that unceremoniously and ignorantly toss out their kids soiled, fecal filled diapers should leave their name and address so I can visit them and crap in their yard. These people have no sense of propriety and should not be allowed to raise children.

Well, I am done with my rant. My yard is clear this morning and I am going back outside to stack my wood. Does anyone want to help? I have extra gloves and will feed you lunch.

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