Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Falling All Over the State

Last summer, I traveled the state of Pennsylvania to photograph waterfalls in Pennsylvania. With her wolf-sized dog in the back of her SUV, we began our journey. She spent hours before, researching the waterfalls that she wanted to see and photograph. We drove along the southern part of the state, visiting Old Bedford village, Gettysburg, and Lancaster. Each day, there was some falls that she wanted to see. Several were off the beaten track and had to be hunted like we were on safari.
Bushkill Falls was just that. The falls and the hike to see them all were killers. I was worn out by the time we made the circuit. She and her dog bandit were the only ones happy; her because she’d shot so many pictures and Bandit because he had time to really stretch his legs. Day after day, we drove from one waterfall to another. After visiting Valley Forge, we turned north, then made a left and traveled across the northern part of Pennsylvania. Each day we would search for waterfalls, often in obscure locations, only found after much time of driving.
It reminded me of another trip that we took to visit an old friend in North Carolina. Before and after the visit, we toured the western end of North Carolina and the southern part of Virginia searching for and photographing more, you guessed it, waterfalls. This trip was less strenuous and the falls were easier to find and to hike to see.
I told her that the next trip she wanted to make had to cause less stress and wear on my body, if she wanted me to accompany her. I think she is researching waterfalls in southwest Pennsylvania for her next excursion.
I travel with her because she has medical problems and we’ve been friends since we were babies. You know the ad about “Friends don’t allow friends to drive…” the reason is different, but the underlying reason is the same, friends care for each other.


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