Sunday, June 26, 2016


Recently there has been extreme heat and drought, storms, tornados, flooding, and wild fires that are ravaging the United States. It seems more tornados are being reported than eve and there are more areas of severe flooding into places where flooding hasn’t been reported before. The extreme heat is causing other territories to become tinder dry for wild fires.
Is it Mother Nature or Global Warming, or can it be the hand of God who is passing judgment on a nation that He once blessed? We say God bless America, but has the time of blessing ended and a time of trials just begun. A nation that once held God in awe, now casually uses the word awesome to describe something as trivial as a pair of sneakers, lipstick, or a new ice cream flavor. The word awesome has lost all of its meaning of fear and reverence.
America as a nation has slowly in small increments turned its back on God. America as a nation was conceived on many of the principles and freedoms found in the Bible, now that nation wants to remove His name from everything. We are becoming an ungrateful people who want to remove even the one day set aside to be thankful for His blessings from the calendar, Thanksgiving Day. The ghosts, ghouls, and goblins of Halloween are swallowing up that day and it is threatening Christmas. More money is being spent to celebrate the dark side of the world. Christmas season, celebrating the birth of the Christ child is being smothered by Santa. Easter, the time we celebrate His death is hiding beneath the fur of the Easter rabbit.
Our days that we celebrate our veterans, alive and dead are being grilled and served to us on buns. Independence Day is falling under the spray of picnics and fireworks. Fights for “rights” are dissolving our freedoms and removing our actual established Constitutional rights of freedom of speech, freedom to bear arms, and freedom of religion.
Is this once bastion of freedom and beacon of hope on decline? Has God stopped blessing America and has He started to judge us for our sins?

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