Monday, June 13, 2016

What’s the Rush

Lately, it seems that the days are rushing by and quickly accumulate into months and then years. So much to do and when I don’t finish one project, they tend to accumulate, imposing into the next project or day. Like yesterday, I was invited to lunch with some friends after church and Sunday school. I accepted and had a nice time talking and eating. I had to cut the visit short because I had already promised a friend to drive her to a writers meeting in Greensburg, Pennsylvania and I might have been able to renege if I didn’t have a story that was being critiqued at the meeting.
When it was over, I hustled home to start my evening meal, because there was the Sunday evening service at our church. I especially wanted to attend, because a young intern from Ambassador Bible College was to preach the sermon. He is visiting our church to gain experience and to be the youth group leader for the summer.
When Christian Garcia first arrived, the church stocked the prophet’s chamber with supplies as a welcome for him. The prophet’s chamber is a building on the church property where visiting missionaries or evangelists can stay, whether they are sharing their ministry or just passing through and needing lodging.
For one so young, Christian shared a very challenging message on the responsibilities of each Christian to be missionaries in their own community. I came away feeling guilty that I don’t have as much time as I would like to do the things that I ought.
I came home with the intent of working on the book that I was writing, but the Pittsburgh Penguins were playing and I wandered to the television to check the score and became engrossed in the game. I am happy that the Stanley cup is returning to Pittsburgh, but now I am hurrying to write my blog and to finish reviewing the article that was critiqued yesterday and make the necessary changes today.


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