Friday, June 24, 2016

One Face Among Thousands

Last evening I began a search for one photograph somewhere buried in the thousands of photographs in my home. The reason that there are so many is there were several shutterbugs in the family. My older daughter Amanda worked for a photography company that took children’s school photos, but before that she loved to take pictures of school mates, special events, or scenery. This was intensified when Pastor Norman Johnston would share the United States on their way to church camp. He would plan the trips to share the beauty of the west as they tented most of the way.
My other daughter, Anna liked to take photos, but to a slightly lesser degree. She still contributed many pictures to the massive pile of photos waiting to be explored. My son Andrew liked to travel, but didn’t take as many photos, even though he flew to South Korea to visit with Pastor Norm who had been a missionary there.
When my mother-in-law Retha Morrison died, all of her photos ended up at my home. She was even more well-travelled than my kids; first with her husband Bud before he passed away then with friends, roving the United States and Canada. When she began to take photos, she inspired ISIS cutting off everyone’s heads, but learned to have better aim and she took thousands herself.
Upon my father E. Carl Beck’s death, many of those photos came our way. My sister Kathy has stored most of them at her house. My mother Sybil’s photos of family and his photos of World War II are there. I still haven’t found the one that I am looking for, but have some time yet before I need it. Wish me luck.

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