Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Write or Wrong

I’ve just finished the writing of the second set of stories for the Tommy Two Shoes series. I sent them to my editor for her suggestion and evaluation. Once she reviews it, the hard work starts. I will try to do rewrites and make the changes necessary to make the stories more relevant, grammatically correct, and flow better for an easy read. I love to put my ideas down for others to read, but it can be a long struggle to try and catch all mistakes and typos.
Now that I have sent it off to be proof read, I have been rewriting the memoirs from thirty-four years as a nurse, and the years as a Naval corpsman, and my college days as I studied for my bachelor of science in nursing. I am well over 250 pages and haven’t typed all of my notes as of yet. This has been a labor of love and still on-going. I am not sure if there is a market for it. Only time and my editor will help me determine that.

I have reams of short stories, notebooks of poetry, and tablets filled with my musings. And still the ideas come. I think I need a secretary who can read my writing and the salary is cheap to free. I have thought of buying one of those voice recognition programs that types the words that I say, but I have heard mixed reviews.
Once I am finished with these projects, I will tackle either of three books. One is based on the Bible stories of the fall of Jericho, the marriage of Rahab, the harlot and the lineage of David the king of Israel.
Another book could be a youth Christian novel of several stories following a young girl, her salvation, the salvation of her family, camping trips and friendship.
And the third could be a romance novel of a mean-spirited spinster that finds love through an orphaned young boy. When her heart is opened, she finds that a man who has befriended her over the years has loved her all along.
Above and beyond all of this are the poems of all sorts, but especially those of Christian themes. I hope that someday, someone will find a poem that can be turned into a hymn.

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