Monday, August 25, 2014

Can You shimmy Like My Sister Kate?

When I worked at the hospital, oft times we would share photographs, or stories of family, friends, vacations, etc. When you work elbow to elbow with someone for years, you either become enemies or friends and for me, it was always easier to try and be a friend.

Della was one of the ward clerks in the emergency department. She was always trying new recipes with odd ingredients and was unique. She had been a baker in the armed forces. She met her husband, Barry, while serving our country.  When they got out of the service, they settled in Pennsylvania. He was a weekend warrior on top of his regular job.

She liked to surprise him and she decided to hire a belly dancer for his birthday. The woman was to go to his National Guard office and dance for his birthday. It sounded cool, right.

It all worked out as she planned. The woman came to the headquarters and danced in front of her husband and all of the others who were there. She shimmied and shook, her coins jangling to the music.

When her husband returned home, he was more embarrassed than he was happy. He told Della that the belly dancer did indeed have a belly that shook like Jell-o and did not ripple sensuously like the slender women do, but that wasn’t the worst part, when she smiled, her teeth were green.

This surprise turned around and was like one of those Lucille Ball episodes. Look out Lucy, I think you have competition.

The names have been changed to protect the innocent and to confuse those who aren’t innocent.

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