Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wednesday Again

I almost forgot what day it was. It is another day for another post. I have been trying hard to complete the last story for my new book. It will be a follow up series of stories on my first book, “Tommy Two Shoes; from mountains to more.” The things that Tommy has to deal with is whether or not he will reunite with a long lost brother, the death of his uncle LeClerc, an assault on himself, finding love, being left at the altar, and meeting a bikini clad beauty at the beach.
I am doing a rewrite of the last story. Hopefully, it will be complete today, so I can turn it over to my editor for review. The writing is the fun part, but the editing and rewriting is hard work, making it reader ready.

Recently, I have been trying to post photos of postcards that were part of my mother-in-law, Retha Morrison’s estate on Face Book. There are cards from the 1940’s until near her death. I would somehow feel greedy if I kept them to myself. They are a legacy that is meant to be shared. There are cards from the themes of history, war, places to visit and buildings and roadways. There is a vast array of cards, sent domestically and from overseas.
I was in seventh heaven when I found about 200 postcards. That will make my daily posts on Face Book much easier to do.
I try to share the descriptions from the back of the card to make sure that the viewer understands the date and where the photo on the card is located. Sometimes I dedicate the card, like today. The card was from Texas. It was to my son Andrew and his family as well as a good friend Debby, who is a Texan through and through.

I posted one yesterday of a local business that went out of business and found one of my friends lives there now. It makes me feel that it is worth the time when I have people sharing that they’ve seen the photo and appreciate it.
I’ve also posted photos I found from Retha’s albums of old relatives and places. Some have writing on the back side and I know who they are, but some don’t and I have to try to figure out who they are. One very old photo had a name barely discernible written in pencil. Using a flashlight from every angle imaginable, to the best of my ability, I think the name was Isaac Lyton or Leyton. It was a black and white photo of him and his family. He was at the center with a wife on his left, a daughter holding another daughter to his right and two sons in front of him. If anyone has an Isaac Lyton/Leyton in their genealogy, I would be glad to repost and share it.

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