Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The Best Laid Plans...
Yesterday, I had ambitious plans with a time crunch involved. I had to pick up my granddaughter Hannah Yoder to babysit her. After a quick breakfast, we started out to complete our first chore. It was to pick up my books that were for sale at The Twisted Vine. It is a consignment/antique shop just outside the town of Ligonier, Pennsylvania on Route 30. Several other writers placed our books to sell and after a few months with minimal to no sales at all, we decided to remove them. The rent for the space was more than our sales.
I checked the posting for hours of operation the night before. Once I picked up Hannah, we drove to the shop. As usual, I arrived early and as we waited, caring for an active six year old, became interesting. The wait was longer than usual. Several other customers arrived and left when they found the store wasn’t opened yet. Their sign read, “M-F: Store hours 10 to 5ish.”
Finally, at 11:00 am, one of the owners arrived. I told her that we’d been waiting and that several others had come to shop and the store wasn’t opened.
She replied, “Well, we posted on the site that we’d be in late this morning. I just got back from New York.”
I said, “Maybe you should change your starting time to an -ish.” All I can say is if you plan to shop there, you may want to check their site every 15 minutes.
The rest of my plans for the day were shot. I was supposed to be in Connellsville for a luncheon at 11:30 and I was an hour away. I was a little more than upset, but I had promised my granddaughter a lunch with Pappy, so we stopped at Brady’s, a restaurant on Route 31. She had her favorite, macaroni and cheese and I had a grilled chicken salad with celery seed dressing and that part of my day wasn’t ruined.


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