Wednesday, August 9, 2017

An Ethiopian Princess
While at my friend’s granddaughter’s wedding this past Sunday, We were able to relax after the wedding ceremony in the reception area of the nearby clubhouse and banquet area. There were buffet trays of fruits, vegetables, and meats and cheeses: including what I think might have been smoked herring steaks. Another area had trays of cookies, candies, and homemade fudge. Nestled nearby was a chocolate fountain surrounded by fruit and other dainties waiting to be dipped and sampled.
While we were teasing our taste buds with the various flavors, several servers began to circulate with trays of hot hors D’ouevres of fried mozzarella sticks and balls of chicken cordon bleu. I managed to sample several items more than once, before I was forced to pace myself, knowing that a meal was to be served at a later time.
Among the wait staff of several lovely young women was an exceptional beauty. Her dark skin, regal face and bearing allowed my creative mind to explore the possibility that she might have been a princess or consort in the court of Candace, the Queen of Ethiopia. Candace was the queen that visited Solomon in Jerusalem traveling from her distant home in Africa. Solomon introduced her to the God of Israel.
I was fascinated with this young, lithe ebon beauty that gracefully filled water goblets, removed empty dishes, and was intent on completing her other duties. Her smooth skin and well-proportioned body was a wonderful asset to her poised nature. Her hair was coiffed to the back of her head in a tight bun allowing her face and slender neck to seem even more regal in appearance.
For me to say that I was impressed by her appearance isn’t quite right. Even at my age, I am able to appreciate the beauty in nature, music, art, written words, and yes, in human beings. I sometimes choose to comment on them with words that do not always convey the full intent of what my eyes can see. This is not to debase this young woman, nor is it to in any way to be construed as the thoughts of a lustful man, it is only to say I was surprised and enamored with this other human being.

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