Tuesday, August 29, 2017

September Challenge
Last Sunday, our Pastor challenged the congregation to hand out one Gospel tract per day during the entire month of September. There are several reasons for that. The most obvious is that it is a way to reach others with the Good News of salvation offered by a loving God, the gift of eternal home in heaven, and a way to escape an eternity of punishment in the flames of Hell. It is an easy way to expand our testimony to others, especially if we are shy or less than confident in our ability to speak clearly and concisely sharing the Word of God.
Another reason is that it takes about thirty days to develop a habit, whether it is a good habit or a bad habit. Thirty days of handing out Gospel tracts allows us to be more comfortable sharing these paper missionaries with others and causes it to be second nature when we meet someone on the street, in a store, or even at work or school.
I chose to write on this subject for two reasons. One is many people ask what inspires me to write. Sometimes it is a view of nature, seeing an unusual character, or an incident that has happened in my life. The second is if I hear a word or phrase that sparks in my brain.
I began to think about this short writing when I heard the phrase, “paper missionaries” describing the Gospel tracts. And that is what they are. These pieces of stationery that have the roadmaps to salvation are just that, paper missionaries. Often these little slips of paper travel to places that we are unable to go and talk to people we may never meet. They reach into all levels of society, all genders, and all ages, The Gospel doesn’t discriminate for any reason. It can soften the hardest heart and no sin is too great for it to reach and cleanse.
So, September is the month for paper missionaries. This is one way that each of us can change the world around us. If you should like to join the challenge, I’m sure that your church or your pastor has them available for you. You too can become an emissary for God and an ambassador for Christ.

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