Monday, August 28, 2017

Are You Questioning Me
Friday and Saturday, I had the rare opportunity to spend time with my daughter Anna Elizabeth Prinkey. She wanted to attend the Foothills Writers group with me and we decided to ride together. She had some errands to run and wanted to drive. Our first stop was a diner on Route 30 just outside of Ligonier, Pennsylvania called Ruthie’s. The next stop was at a small shop called The Junk Monkey Paint Company in Ligonier to pick up paint supplies. I was talking to one of the owners, Sonia and of course, I handed her one of my business cards. She invited me to do an interview about my writing, my books, and where I get my inspirations to write for a segment on a local cable company.
We moved on to the meeting where Anna shared an idea she had for an inspirational story that she is writing and listening to other items that the writers that attended had written. Then we finally came home for me to finish the laundry.
Saturday was another day I shared with Anna. It was the LHTC Broadband customer appreciation day held at the Flax Scutching Grounds on Route 711 in Stahlstown. We were meeting my other daughter Amanda, her husband Eric, and their daughter Hannah Yoder. I met several old neighbors and friends there as we sampled the foods and visited the various booths. One booth was for the Chestnut Ridge Historical Society. They were selling their cook books, giving away replicas maps of Donegal and Stahlstown, and selling raffle tickets on a knotted quilt bed cover that I made and donated to them.
While I was making my round, I (not in my Col. Sander’s garb) got to meet and shake hands with the Chick Filet cow, the curled top, Dairy Queen cone, and talked with a representative for the radio stations of LHTC. I gave him my card and he said that he would pass it along to the person who deals and handles interviews and things like this.
My New Year’s resolution of not leaving home grumpy is paying off, because, no one wante to deal with a grumpy old man.

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