Monday, March 27, 2017

Weary and Sore
So much going on and I can’t always say no. This past weekend I again helped with the Bearing Precious Seed. It is a group that is dedicated to print and provide the Word of God to missionaries. This group is based in Milford, Ohio and come to our church to assemble the Scripture of John and Romans t send to foreign countries and to provide the missionaries with those books of the Bible in the language of the country.
The work consists of unloading and setting up the boxes of covers, the printed word, the staplers, the trimmer, and boxes for the finished product. The print copies are torn into two sections, while another group folds the covers. The covers and the print copies are assembled at a table of more workers. Young people take the books to the staplers and attached together. Those booklets need trimmed at a large machine, then packed into boxes that will eventually be loaded into cargo containers and shipped. In a matter of about four hours, we assembled six thousand copies that are being sent to Sierra Leone.
Their government requested copies for the army and the police. Now, they have requested copies for each of their school students which will put a copy of the Scripture in nearly every home in Sierra Leone. Bearing Precious Seed plans on delivering 800,000 copies to them. It is an ambitious goal, but one with which we were able to help. My wrist held up, but my shoulders are sore.
Sunday was church, Sunday school, writers meeting, and then Sunday evening services. I find out this morning that I don’t rebound quite as quickly as I did several years ago and may need a nap before the day is out.

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