Friday, March 31, 2017

UP Early and…
I woke early and decided it was house cleaning day. I almost forgot to post my blog andstripped the bed and started the wash. Then I began to vacuum and dust. I do have a question for the regular housekeepers, is it better to dust before vacuuming or vacuum first. To me it seems no matter what I choose to do, it infringes on the other. Vacuuming stirs up more dust and dusting pushes some of the dirt onto the floors. Are there any suggestions?
Today, there seemed less cats in the dust bin of the vacuum cleaner. I must be getting better with my cleaning schedule or the cat is shedding less. My bet is on shedding less. Even if my cleaning schedule is off, who will complain other than Willow, my cat? She would eat off my floors even if they aren’t “clean enough for people to eat off of.”
Lunch is already made. I just need to reheat the crock pot hot sausages, peppers, onions, and crushed tomatoes from yesterday. The big decision is whether I want a sandwich or to make some kind of pasta to serve with it. Either way, it doesn’t take much time or effort for either.
After cleaning, sweeping, washing and drying the sheets and pillow cases, I’ll want an easy meal for lunch. I may get energy to remake the bed before it is time to hit the hay. If not, I have a recliner. Just kidding, it’s always great to slip into a bed with fresh made, clean sheets. After all, it is spring cleaning time.

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