Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Sometimes Ugly Can Be Beautiful
I was reminded that ugly things in life and around me can be beautiful. As I was leaving my house, I noticed something that I was seeing and hoping it would disappear. The tired, dirty snow that had been pushed aside by the snowplows was still lining my yard. Its presence was an ugly reminder of the winter season and I wanted it to leave more quickly. At that moment, the rays of sun pierced the clouds and the ice crystals that formed by the melting and refreezing bristled with sparkles of light. The sun replaced this pile of dirty snow into a pile of glittering jewels.
Several days before, I photographed and shared a view from my front porch. It was another gray, cloudy morning. It seemed something depressing, but I looked more carefully to see the palest of orange tint at the horizon where the sun was rising. The hope of a sunny day wasn’t the beauty I was seeing. The moon was still in the sky and was nestled in the tops of the trees beside my house. There I found the beauty.
People are like that. Sometimes the least lovely on the outside can be the most beautiful, kindest people if we actually stop and take the time to really look. Some of the most conceited and ugly are those who God has graced with an outward beauty.
If we see only the ugly, we will see only the ugly in things and people. If we search for beauty, we are sure to find it.

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