Sunday, March 12, 2017

Heaven or Hell
I just read a post that a priest believes Hell was invented by religion to control people. More is said about Hell than Heaven in the New Testament. Hell is a reward for those who do not accept the gift of salvation offered by God Himself. This loving God sent His offspring, His only begotten Son to lay aside His glory, come to Earth in the form of a man, and to die on a cross to expunge and cover our sins. The Word of God describes as a place of eternal torment, a place of darkness and pain, a place of weeping and gnashing of teeth for sinners who reject that gift.
I wonder what books this person studied in seminary school. Did he ever read the Bible? Does he believe the Bible is the Word of God, written in its entirety with inspired truth? How can he say that Hell is not a real place with so many warnings about it? Since he doesn’t believe in Hell, does he believe that Heaven is the reward for those who choose the redemptive powers of Christ’s blood? If this priest does accept that there is a place called heaven, how can he selectively choose which subjects he will believe in and which ones he won’t? Either the entire Bible is true in its entirety or it is not. Handpicking which ideas match yours and tossing out all others is wrong and just foolish.
I’ve heard arguments that “It was just men” who wrote the Bible. It’s true men wrote as they were led by the Creator. But without divine inspiration, how can we explain thirty-nine books of the Old Testament and twenty-seven books of the New Testament were written by almost as many men and yet coincide without contradiction or error? If there was even one lone error, non-believers would be shouting it from the rooftops.
If this believes the Bible upon which his religion is based is false, how can he continue to call himself a priest of that religion? Wouldn’t that make his entire religion false? How can he be faithful to the teachings of his false religion? Doesn’t it make the garb that he wears a lie as well? Why is he even wearing the frock? Faith and belief are the core precepts of the Gospel. How can he continue to call himself a man of God when he doesn’t believe one of the Bible’s fundamental tenets?

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