Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Yippee Ki-yoh, Haiku: Where East Meets West
This is my warped humor giving title to this Haiku poetry. The western theme started after scenes I saw from my trip out west as a chaperoe to seventeen teenagers,

swept from western skies
pale scarlet light disappears...
beneath night’s dark broom

sun sets and night falls
a bond of stillness and stars
forge cool desert scene.

bathed in soft moonlight
the cool silent desert night
becomes enchanted

palomino mare
followed by a gray stallion
sunlight and shadow

vast panorama
muted hues spread deep and wide
Grand Canyon opens

flailing hooves dust rises
mustangs race across the plain
long manes and tails stream

dying in the West
sun crawls over the mountains
streaks of blood remain

pale lilac flowers
ride a sea of silver leaves
the Texas sage blooms

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