Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Calling All 
Monday was one of those days when it seemed necessary for me to make call after telephone call of one sort or another. I am at times a procrastinator, putting things off until it is absolutely necessary for me to do something. I am sure that part of the reason is because as a nursing supervisor at Frick Hospital in Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania, I spent much of my shift on the telephone making and answering calls from staff, doctors, patients, and the patient’s family.
Often when I came home, I would avoid answering the phone. I usually allowed another member of the family to answer its beckoning ring. First, the calls were rarely for me and secondly, I had answered so many at work, it was a blessing not to hold the receiver to my ear.
My first call was to order supplies for my C-pap breathing machine. It had been quite some time since I placed my last order. Because it had been so long, it caused the need for two other telephone calls to get authorization to show my need for the nighttime breathing assistance machine.
Another telephone call was to my computer repairman to clean and update my aps and programs. I am technologically challenged, using my computer for e-mails, Facebook, and as a glorified typewriter. The computer is a marvelous upgrade from the need for paper and typewriters of the past. There are no more erasures or having to use the correction liquid or tapes. Deleting, copying, and cutting have replaced those chores and products and eliminated the hassle.
I also made the call my doctor about my new blood pressure medication and my blood sugar levels. It’s always a joy when each call to her ends up with more medications or further intrusions on my life.

The final call was to my insurance agent. I wanted to firm up an appointment. I was inquiring about purchasing life insurance and an update on my finances. As much as I hate admitting my foibles, all must face the fact that there is an end to each life. Other than the Rapture, there is no other outcome. 

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