Monday, January 30, 2017

Like Father Like Son
My father-in-law, Elmer “Bud” Morrison was a man who used his hands and his brain equally well, creating solutions to problems that arose. He was caretaker and handyman for Kentuck Knob, the Frank Lloyd home of Ian Hagan the local ice cream producer. The house is located near Chalk Hill, Pennsylvania and is now owned by the Conservancy. Bud later became the caretaker of Camp Christian which is located near Mill Run, Pennsylvania. The camp used to be called Killarny Park and was a retreat for people from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Several churches from Pittsburgh purchased it as a summer camp and as a retreat for their congregations and for their young people. Bud also worked for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, repairing roads and keeping them maintained. In the summer, he drove the roller and in the winter, the snow plows that kept our roads passable. Both positions were very demanding physically, the roller wore out his hips and the “on call” work of the winter’s plowing would tire him, especially working twelve hours shifts when the weather was bad and the snow fell heavily.
His son Kevin has always been one who enjoys working with his hands and given time, he can stare a hole in a wall and get things done. Mechanical things are second nature to him. He has worked at Lennox Glass Company and as a sanitation driver. Now, he has decided to step into his father’s shoes. He is one of those people that drag themselves out at all hours of the day and night to keep our roads clear, to allow us to travel in relative safety during the winter months. He drives a snowplow like his father. Thank you Kevin Morrison.

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