Friday, December 11, 2015

Work, Work, Work

            So many tasks have been pulling in every direction. Each time I think I am getting somewhere I find another chore that needs done. The kitchen floor needed swept and mopped, so I did it. I think that the cat causes all of the dirt. She and I are the only ones at home and I certainly didn’t make all of that mess. Well, it’s done for now. While I cleaned the floor, I washed and dried the rugs. Now, that room is done for a little while.
            Yesterday, I packaged and stored the first batch of venison jerky and put the second on to dry. I waited for the first batch so that I could send some to my son and his family in Amarillo, Texas. I wrapped all of their gifts, took them to Going Postal, and mailed them out. I made a stop at Brown’s Candy Kitchen To send a box of chocolates to some friends. The price of the candy wasn’t cheap, but the postage was almost two thirds of the price of the chocolates.
            I burned the paper trash and hung out the venison cornucopia for the birds and wild critters around my house. Each year, I hang the rib cage of my deer in a tree at my side yard after filling it with scraps of tallow, unusable meat bits, and fat from the butchered venison. It helps the feathered and furred critters survive the winter.
            Today is much the same sweeping and dusting the living room and doing the bathrooms. I might even make my bed. I really should change the flannels. They don't smell fresh anymore.
            I have to make some food to take to a Christmas party. It is a little difficult when the host suggests that you bring desserts, but no sugar. Maybe I’ll take a bag of lemons. Just kidding Sally, I do have something in mind.
            I need to hit the barber shop sometime today. My hair looks so shaggy and long when I first get up, I look like the wild man of Borneo. I wonder how I can be so busy and retired. When I was working I had a wife and kids to do some of the chores inside the house and I took care or the chores outside. Now, like a brazier, I do double duty.


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