Monday, December 14, 2015

Just a short post today.

It’s Been a Busy Day

I was awakened by cramps in my feet at three-thirty a.m., finally deciding to get out of bed at five-thirty. I’ve been moving ever since. I posted my usual Christmas card on FaceBook and checked my e-mail. Messaging a friend, I made arrangements to meet Him and sell one of my books to him. I forgot until now, to post on my blogspot. Once I ate breakfast, I went to the basement to wash a load of clothes, empty the freezer to defrost it, and began to sweep and clean the basement. I thought that while I was downstairs washing and defrosting, I might as well clean the cellar. I’m taking a break and my daughter is visiting. I plan to get back downstairs and finish with cleaning for today.

Yesterday, I went to church, then I drove to the art museum in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. It was another good meeting doing critiques on other writer’s works. In gentle and sometimes humorous prodding, we try to improve the presentation suggesting word changes, punctuation, or change in order of paragraphs to create a better work. We greeted a new member and hopefully made her welcome.
In the evening, I drove to my daughter’s church. It was the Christmas program for my granddaughter Hannah. She dressed like a Christmas gift as a part of the play, sang with the junior choir, and spore a recitation. All in all, it was a good day.

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