Monday, December 7, 2015

Grinchly Day

            Yesterday, when I woke I was in a bit of a down day. I had a sore stiff neck because of a pulled muscle. After brushing my teeth and shaving, I moved to my closet to choose a tie to wear to church. It was the beginning of December and I wanted to wear one of my Christmas tie, but wasn’t really in the mood. Flipping through the selection, I found a tie with the Grinch wearing his Santa hat and coat. That would do and placed it on the ironing board.
            I woke about four thirty a.m. and went to the kitchen to start the barbecue meatballs for the meal at a writers meeting later in the day. Into the Crockpot went the bags of preformed meatballs, the bottle of sauce, and to doctor it up, I added about twenty-five restaurant packages of sauces brought home from Abby’s, Wendy’s KFC, and local Chinese eateries.
            As I sat in church, that Grinchly feeling began to ease, even though the sore neck remained fairly constant. I was less crabby by the time I left the service.
            I stopped at a local bake shop to buy a loaf of fresh bread for the Christmas party to go with the meatballs. While I was there, I was my usual pleasant, convivial self as I handed out business cards to the customers and the cashier. I explained that I was a writer and had three books published, sharing that they were mysteries and that I had a BlogSpot. They both seemed interested. As I placed my bread in the car, I noticed my book bag in the back seat. I pulled out all three to show them what they looked like. I sold and signed the three different books to one lady and the cashier, six books total.
            After the meal, many of us read short stories or poetry, sharing our thoughts with the other writers. It was a time for me to mingle, sharing smiles among friends and talented people. More of my grumpy attitude slid away.
            I made it home in time to brush my teeth and drive to the evening services at church. Again, I was blessed with a scriptural sermon and an evening to relax with fellow friends and Christians. By the time I got home and settled for the night, the grump had nearly disappeared. How blessed I am to have those wonderful people in my life.

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