Friday, December 18, 2015

Wear and Tear

            I babysat my granddaughter Hannah yesterday. She was wound up and wanted to do everything at once. Watch the television, building with the giant Leggo blocks, playing with Barbie dolls, look at the “Eye Spy” book, and eating. That kid has to have a hollow leg. An apple, a cookie, a toaster pastry, a cheese stick, several pineapple rings, and a beef stick followed each other into her gullet.
            While this was going on, the Everdry workmen were in the basement, trying to correct one last wet area in my cellar. Their jack hammer had the cat in hiding and Hannah clingy and staying close to my side. The workers finished their job, just before noon. I didn’t feel like cooking, so Hannah and I hit McDonald’s. She had the McNugget happy meal and I ate two fish sandwiches. I think that she was finally filled, because she didn’t eat her yogurt and we took that with us.
            I made a stop at my insurance agent to ask a question. Hannah saw their lollipop tree and had to have one. Lollipops must be like Jell-O, there’s always room for some.
            Although her belly was full, she was still wound up, and each time I used my phone, even though I don’t like using one, she would start to jabber and try to talk to me at the same time. I wanted to pull at my dwindling hair supply. I may sound like I don’t like sitting with Hannah, but that’s not true. I love her dearly. Sometimes it can be stressful.
            After her dad came home, I headed to a friend’s apartment to help her put a hook in her ceiling. She has a “hanging” Christmas tree and couldn’t attach the hook into the plastered ceiling. Mission accomplished, now onto the rest of my day. I attended the Mt. Pleasant Writers group meeting. It is a chance to learn a bit more about writing and share our labors.
            The Mt. Pleasant Library allows us to meet and to display our short stories in their lobby. Our writings are there for all who care to come in and read memories and poetry from and about the Christmas season. A late night meal and finally back home to plug in my Christmas lights and to start a fire in the wood burner before bedtime.

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