Wednesday, October 1, 2014

It Seems to Get…

My life seems to get busier and busier as I get older and since I have retired. With my writing and the daily chores, I am always looking ahead with some dread and anxiousness. I have four writers meetings that I attend, every other week.
Today, I have a book signing all afternoon at the Demo Depot parking lot. It is for my first book of Tommy Two Shoes and for the story I have in the anthology of Moon Shadows. Moon Shadows is a collection of spooky or ghost stories. The one that I wrote is a ghost story, but it definitely not a scary one.
Sci-fi and horror stories are something that I have not been interested in writing. I do have a creative mind, but it doesn’t flow in that direction. I have tried and it feels unnatural to me. The one I wrote is almost a Casper-The-Ghost like and cuddly. It is titled, Afraid.
Tomorrow, I am going to an appointment to sign my will. I wanted to take care of it and funeral preparations for my wife and I over twelve years ago, but she would get a look of panic on her face and say no. When she died, I had to handle it all for myself, except doing my will. Now, at least that part will be over and done.
Next Friday and Saturday will be a true fry-day. I will be at the Ohiopyle Fire Department frying sausage for their Buckwheat Festival: all-you-can-eat pancakes or buckwheat cakes with sausage, fried potatoes, applesauce, and pickles. The dates for it is always the second full Friday and Saturday in October. This year it is October 10th and 11th, 2014.
The next week is the preparation and set up for the Mt. Zion Christian School. The items donated are sold at very low prices to support the activities of the students. Most clothing is sold as a dollar-a-bag. It is an outreach to the community and makes clothing available at reasonable costs.
The following week is filled with meetings and a writing seminar as well as a masquerade party. Almost as soon as that’s over; hunting season, Thanksgiving, and Christmas preparations start. I’m already tired just looking ahead.

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