Monday, September 29, 2014

Becoming Anxious

As the day that my editor set aside for a book signing for me and several other authors/writers draws near, I am experiencing several conflicting emotions. The first is the sense of accomplishment. Because I have published a book, it is an experience that I can remove one item from my “bucket list.”

I have always wanted to write a book. I’m not Hemmingway and I am not as proficient as Louis L’Amour, I have always admired these writers. I try to write in a style that allows readers to join the main characters much as L’Amour does, in the same verbiage that allows all readers to enjoy his surprising turns of phrases and descriptions.
In my mind, the main character, Tommy Two Shoes, isn’t a handsome man, but would be similar to the actor William Bendix, a shuffling, solid-built man. Middle age has come and gone. Like me he wants to write and has waited more than half of his lifetime before launching into that unknown world of writing, editing, and selling the story to a publisher.

Because the signing is taking in the town where I worked for thirty-four years, the second feeling is the anticipation of seeing people that I have met before and am known to them. Also I feel a little anxiety for the same reason. It is a place where I am known to many, because I was a nursing supervisor for twenty-eight years and have had dealings with a great number people, as fellow employees, patients, or with the kin of the patients.
In the Bible, Luke says, “And he said, Verily I say unto you, No prophet is accepted in his own country.” Luke 4:24 KJV. So I will be a prophet in my own country and I am not how well I will be accepted.

I have had reviews from friends and fellow readers. Some have commented on the use of a muse and how unusual I presented the clues, some have said that it is a page turner, and some have said that it was good or they liked it. One comment came from a secretary who said, “When I read the book, I think of you as Tommy Two Shoes,” and that made me smile.
The one thing that was consistent in the reviews was that the book ended a cliff hanger, “What happened to Tommy’s brother?” I hadn’t meant to leave it that way. I was only thinking of completing one story, but it did leave an interest that has now spilled over into a second Tommy Two Shoes book. That sequel is now being reviewed by my editor. So, to any of my readers, that question will soon be answered.

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