Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Retired and Enjoying It

I retired because I chose to retire, but lately I have been getting job offers through a site that I was invited to join by several friends. It’s called Linkedin. It is supposed to increase the outreach of your projects by sharing friends. I’m not computer savvy and fumble with setting up pages, surfing, etc. There is one spot on the site that appears on your page with job offers from all over the country. I don’t know whether the Linkedin site automatically tosses them on my page or whether someone actually reviews and posts, but I just added a summary.

I am retired and enjoying the time to write stories, poetry, Haiku, and memoirs. I am not at this time looking for employment unless it is a minimal, part time job with limited responsibility. After 28 years as a nursing supervisor and all of the conflict and responsibility that I had to handle, I need the freedom and time to enjoy writing for a period of time.
Thank you for offers, but Right now I am not looking for employment.”

I have worked on farms for school clothing, worked during high school as a stock boy and sign painter, given Uncle Sam four years in the Navy as a corpsman, got my bachelor degree in nursing, and worked for thirty-six years as a nurse. Four years as a med/ surg. Nurse on the night shift, five years in the emergency department, and  twenty-eight years as a nursing supervisor.
I have always loved to write, play with words, look at things with my warped view on things, and tried to share what I see. I have trouble writing horror stories, I think working in a hospital over the years; I’ve seen enough horror stories to last me for a lifetime. And thinking of new ways to inflict pain and death is alien to me
Speaking of alien life, that is another genre that I have difficulty diving into. Sci-fi and futuristic stories, I have a problem wrapping my brain around. I guess I am not a future thinking person.
I write, in a creative way, to show realistic ways of a character reacting to the world around him or her. Showing what the character is feeling, seeing, and thinking. I try to explain what I see in my mind, the creative plot and place of the story. I try to make what I write realistic and allow the reader to follow the characters and connect with them.
One of my favorite writers is Louis L’Amour. I know that many will scoff, but the writer was prolific. Much of what he wrote was spawned by places that he had been and things that he had done. He uses very descriptive phrases to share his thoughts with the reader and used down to earth words with which the general reader can readily understand.
The curious turns of phrases are what I like best. The way he used them, shows a skill that many more famous and learned authors cannot touch. His books are an easy read; a relaxing and entertaining read, meant for all to enjoy.

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