Friday, September 19, 2014

She Sure Was a Cold One

Winter winds blew, snow flew. The weather was harsh and cold.

Polar vortex, complex, light shortened unfold,

Icy delays, snow lays, blizzard winds gusting strong.

Caught in the storm, not warm, out where I don’t belong.

Deep frost and chill, clouds fill, tossed by a howling wind.

With banshee wail full scale through trees that are bare limbed.

Freezing, lasting, blasting, she sure was a cold one.

In winter’s fist, heat missed, she sure was a cold one.


Days filled with rain, chilblain, the sun hiding its face.

Fewer picnics, mud slicks, streams overflow and race.

Chilly winds blew all through days cloudy and dim.

Blustery bleak each week, dark clouds filled to the brim.

Sun rise to set, all wet, the drops keep falling down,

No warmth at all, damp pall, rivers flood muddy brown.

Warm days were less, wet mess; she sure was a cold one.

Summer is done, no sun, she sure was a cold one.


 She took it all; big, small, the house empty and bare.

Naught left behind to find, no longer does she care.

An empty house, no spouse, she left without warning.

The kids are gone; she’s won, she’d been home that morning.

Harsh and bitter, quitter, taking all we called home.

Taking the dog, that hog, leaving me all alone.

I’m heartbroken, chokin’, she sure was a cold one.

Wicked, cruel, a fool, she sure was a cold one.

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