Friday, October 3, 2014

Burdened Hearts

For the past few months, my heart and mind has been burdened with the heartbreak of my friends, my family members, and those as close as family members. Sharing these burdens has become so frequent that they seem to rush at me, one after another. I think about each individual incident as I go about my daily tasks and each person affected, sharing prayers.
Today, as I was mowing, I decided to share these thoughts with my readers, not the particulars, I have no desire to embarrass people that I have held in confidence. I will address things in a general manner and limited details.
I have mentioned before about the loss of my cousin, Charlene, and much of that burden is for her family and friends, especially her mom who has endured so much.
It seems like so many of my friends and Face Book friends have been hit with illnesses the most common disease has been cancer. Each one pricks my heart. My wife and mother-in-law died with this malignant disease hidden inside of them.
Some of my friends are struggling with financial problems; making their money stretch, trying to find a place to live, or difficulties with heath care. Sometimes one problem bleeds into another.
I am not even sure how to approach my last concern. I’m not sure that it is the most demanding, but it is the most recent. It hit me like a fist. When children stray, it’s like a dagger to the heart of the parent. It is a hard burden to bear, both for the child and to the parent. The incident has ruined the trust between the parents and child and it has ruined the bright future of this child.
It has to be devastating for the family. The parents are close friends and it has hit me hard. I try to help bear the emotional weight by thinking of them and praying frequently. There is not much else for me to do. I am not sure that the parents even know that I understand what is happening in their lives, so what do I do, but wait and pray.
Don’t think I have an Eeyore attitude or am a gloomy Gus, I’m not. I try to make others smile. I try to help in any way that I can. I don’t know if I would be able to help carry this load if it weren’t for the frequent release occasions. I like the time I spend talking and laughing with others. Unknowingly, they provide mental health for me. They divert my thoughts from the secrets inside and allow me to escape, even for a few minutes.

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