Friday, November 29, 2013

What'cha Wearing?
Through the years that I worked, several men were hired at our hospital as nurses. Most have come and gone. One of these was a very intelligent young and amicable man. He had his Bachelor of Science degree in nursing at the ripe old age of nineteen. I think we were a just place for him to gain a little bit of clinical experience, before he moved on to other, bigger and hopefully better things.

Another was tall and very obese man. When he did chest compressions on an arresting person, he only used one arm. To tell the truth, I don’t think that he could get his hands together across his own thick chest to do the compressions with two hands.

There was another male nurse who caused quite a stir with the female workers. He would wear white scrubs and well….he had the nurses coming to me and saying, “You know, he isn’t wearing underwear. You need to talk to him and see why he’s not wearing underwear.”
It was obvious when he bent over that he was wearing nothing under his white scrubs. When the nurses would approach me to ask him about his under garments, I said, “I’m not asking him if he’s wearing underwear or not. If you want to know, you ask him.”
Our hospital policy stated only that “bright colors or bold prints should not be visible through the uniform” and he had no underwear to be visible through his nursing uniform, so he wasn’t actually in violation of the hospital’s policy.
He didn’t stay long either. I am not sure whether it was the lack of under clothes and the female nurses or something else, but I’m sure he could have afforded underwear and worn them if he had wanted.

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